Link by Prudential
Link shows the connection between life and finances and makes it easy to create and manage a financial timeline that changes with your life.
This 15 second animation was used on social media to promote Fox Now. I created several concept directions for this piece and the final is below.
FiForce | Taking Flight with Credit
This fun and whimsical cartoon teaches kids about credit...yeah credit.
Prudential | Animated GIF Series
This series of paper cut style GIFs was created for Prudential's Financial Education site. These animations were used as headers for financial education articles.
Dailies | Feb
These images are some of my favorites from the art that I've made everyday in February.
Motion Reel
This is a reel of my favorite work to date. Client work and personal work all mixed together into a splendid blend of motionography.
Holiday Party Invitation
This is a fun little animation that I got the privilege of designing, animating, and sound designing for. Who thought an invitation could be this fun?
I wanted to imagine what a retro future safe for the arkenstone would look like.
Welcome to Thunderdome
Short exploration in faux cel animation techniques and the 80's.
Circuit Tunnel
An infinite tunnel of power pulsing circuitry.
This is a type exploration using 3D tools.
CSO | Mozart's Jupiter
Advertisement for the CSO's performance of Mozart's Jupiter.
OneSight | 2014 Year in Review
This video was created to show OneSight's progress in eradicating the global vision crisis.
Mind's Eye
Mind's Eye is an animation exploring the journey through thought, time, and space.
End Slavery Now
This project was done to promote a website called End Slavery Now which is a platform to mobilize modern day abolitionists.
Bouncy Walls
This project is a short exploration in keyframing elasticity and bounciness.
T-Mobile | Concert Event
These loops were created for a T-Mobile Concert event in Bryant Park in New York City.
Parkview || My Chart
This spot was one of a series of videos done for Parkview Health highlighting the new features and implementation of their "MyChart" electronic health record.
Salvation Series | Speaker Intro
Animated bumper to segue between different parts of a large group meeting.
ECCO MIND - 50 Years of ECCO
This was one of three spots that Lightborne produced for Ecco's 50th Anniversary shoe, "Mind." That spot was distributed and played in over 25 countries.
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